Ground Zero

Unistanz started off as "Software Associates" in 2002. The initial years were spent in learning the ropes of the software consulting business. The real change started from 2005 when the first-generation-company started to recruit and build a team after realising that the software business is all about providing excellent customer service and nothing else!


Unistanz is a private limited Indian company managed by a team of professionals. This is notable considering that only 1% of start ups survive to live and expand. The Unistanz team is focused on improving quality and deliverable schedules by developing and tweaking internal systems, all in favor of customers, of course!

The Core


To provide the best in class IT services to our customers at the best possible price at all times and at any place.


To develop our internal systems and infrastructure,to train and strengthen our Team with the aim of fulfilling our Vision in the least possible time.


  1. Trust, for our team
  2. Loyalty, to our customers
  3. Respect, for our competitors
  4. Faith, in our abilities
  5. Satisfaction, in what we earn
  6. Moderation, in what we spend
  7. Thought, in all we do!

The Team

All About Attitude

Our recruitment method focuses equally on attitude and skills for the job. As a result, all our team members score high on positive attitude apart from being excellent in work related qualities. Our Team members generally start out at junior positions and gradually "climb" their way to the top, learning about responsibilities and honing essential skills along the way.

...And About Commitment

Our Team is assured of Unistanz's commitment towards their well being and growth. Unistanz is assured of the Team's commitment towards the company’s well being and growth. As a result, the Unistanz Team is committed towards the Customer's well being and growth!
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